When should I change my smoke detector batteries?

The U.S. Consumer Product Commission recommends that you check your smoke detector batteries once a month. The alarms will have a test button that, when pushed, will cause the alarm to sound. If it does not, replace the battery immediately. Your should install new batteries once a year. Pick a date, like a birthday or the change to daylight-savings time, and make sure all of the smoke detector batteries in the home are replaced.

How can I receive a copy of an fire incident report?

Contact the station at 850-623-8111 and request one. Be prepared to give your name, location of the incident, and a phone number. Please be patient, receiving a report may take several days, as it takes time to process through our system.

Can I burn yard debris?

Contact the Florida Division of Forestry Milton Office at 850-983-5310 or go to the Forestry Website  by clinking on the link below before burning anything to ensure that there is not a burn ban in place and you have been taught the correct burn rules and the do's and don'ts of burning.